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Aussie start-up for the People and the Planet


World Earth Day: Aussie start-up for the People and the Planet

In the lead up to World Earth Day this Sunday 22nd April, Aussie start-up insurance company Huddle is showing Australians how they can support the planet if they partner with the right insurance company. Huddle is for people and the planet, as they are making insurance a force for good.

Every Huddle Car Insurance policy includes carbon credits that offset your car’s CO2 emissions making your driving 100% carbon neutral. Since November 2016 this has resulted in the offsetting of 33,996,003km driven by their customers, which is equal to:

  • 2,344.55 trips around Australia (Highway 1 = 14,500km)
  • 44.22 trips to the moon and back (Ave. distance of earth/moon = 384,400km)
  • 2,191,593.89m3 of CO2 which could fill 876.64 Olympic sized swimming pools (2,500m3)

Planet Huddle

Plus, excess profits (the surplus funds from low claims) are donated to Huddles – organisations that are driving positive change around the world (many related to the environment). One Huddle strongly aligned to the 2018 World Earth Day theme to end of plastic pollution is Take3, who support a world without plastic pollution, with a focus of reducing plastic waste from reaching the sea.

To ensure that Huddle maintain the highest social and environmental standards, the start-up is also proud to be the only Australian Insurance company that’s a Certified B Corporation –http://bcorporation.com.au

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