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Tech Entrepreneur Ludwina Dautovic Launches The Room Xchange

Ludwina Dautovic is a serial entrepreneur. She recently launched The Room Xchange, which has the potential to change the way millions of people live and solve huge issues surrounding housing affordability. Essentially, it connects busy hosts with a spare room, with guests, who exchange a couple of hours of …

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Bsociable App Gets Young People Talking

Developed by ethically-minded entrepreneurs, the Bsociable mobile app is aimed at Gen Y and Gen Z as an alternative to WhatsApp, SMS and Instagram to simplify the way they connect with each other. The Bsociable app is all about making social interactions easier such as things like catching up …

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10 Fab Stylish And Functional Accessories From Moshi

From the Fashionista, echo conscious shopper, multi-tasker to the workout junky; we’ve got you covered. We trawled through the latest Moshi Premium accessories in search for our top ten products to buy for mum this Mother’s Day. And, I will let you on a secret. …

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Own Property For $250 Through Crowdfunding

There are many costs involved when selling your home, such as stamp dusty, government fees, legal fees, real estate agent commission etc. It all adds up and can become quite costly, and as the property prices continues to increase, so does the costs for selling. In Australia, we’ve relied …

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Motion Eye Camera To Predictive Capture

Women Love Tech recently tested the Sony smartphone, the Xperia XZ Premium. There is something fabulous about this smartphone, not just because of its new groundbreaking technology, but because it looks and feels so luxurious. Apart from the camera capabilities, what makes it feel different from other mobile phones is …

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Why We Need More Women In Online Gaming?

It may not come as a surprise that the virtual gaming world is dominated by men, though the tide is slowly turning.  Whilst games are still predominantly made by men, the number of women in the video game industry is slowly on the rise. In 2015, an international survey …

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