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Female Politicians’ Top A Survey On Inspirational Women For International Women’s Day


Female Politicians' Top A Survey On Inspirational Women For International Women’s Day

Australia’s foreign affairs minister Julie Bishop has been voted most inspirational Australian woman in a survey to mark International Women’s Day. And the great news is the survey, by Pureprofile, features a great range of opinionated and strong women – without a Kardashian, Jenner or Hadid in sight!

Media and technology company Pureprofile surveyed 1,000 people who were each asked to name who in the public eye was their biggest female inspiration.  Julie Bishop ranks number one when it comes to local popularity. Michelle Obama, Julia Gillard, Hillary Clinton, Margaret Thatcher and Pauline Hanson made it to the Top 20, with Oprah Winfrey coming out at number one overall.

Women with links to politics are clearly making a big impact on the public’s perception of what constitutes an inspirational woman; even the late Margaret Thatcher received frequent nominations.

Women working in the media as presenters, talk show hosts and journalists also made up the bulk of the top nominations, with Ellen DeGeneres, Carrie Bickmore and Ita Buttrose joining Oprah Winfrey within the top 20 most voted for names.

Within the performer sector, the top names the public offered as their most inspirational women were actresses Emma Watson, Nicole Kidman and Angelina Jolie, and singers Pink and Beyoncé. Those best known for humanitarian roles – Saint Mother Theresa and Turia Pitt – also featured within the top 20 list.

Nicole Kidman

After 65 years on the throne – the longest reign of any British monarch – Queen Elizabeth II received enough votes to make the number three position, with fellow royal, the late Diana, Princess of Wales also making the top 20.

While taking the title of the number one most inspiring woman overall, Oprah Winfrey was particularly popular by those in the mid-age ranges, remaining unrivalled as the top vote by those aged 25-54. The younger audience (18-24 years) found slightly more inspiration from actress and UN ambassador, Emma Watson, while those age 55 and above were the highest-voting group for Queen Elizabeth II.

While Australians are often accused of ‘tall poppy syndrome’ it’s clear to see many of us are being inspired by Australians, with more local names present in the list than any other nationality.

Pureprofile CEO Nic Jones said the results of the survey are eye-opening and also very refreshing.

“There are no reality stars featuring high on the list, which is mainly headed up by strong, vocal women from politics and the media who are clearly making an impact and gaining respect for their work,” Jones said.

“You can see this reflected in the top inspiring performers who are well known for using their public platform to advocate for women’s rights. It’s also great to see Australia supporting its own, with so many Australian women featuring in the votes.”

Most inspiring Australian Women:

  1. Julie Bishop
  2. Julia Gillard
  3. Nicole Kidman
  4. Carrie Bickmore
  5. Ita Buttrose
  6. Pauline Hanson
  7. Turia Pitt
  8. Cathy Freeman
  9. Olivia Newton-John
  10. Rosie Batty

Most inspiring women overall:

  1. Oprah Winfrey
  2. Michelle Obama
  3. Queen Elizabeth II
  4. Julie Bishop
  5. Emma Watson
  6. Julia Gillard
  7. Saint Mother Theresa
  8. Pink
  9. Margaret Thatcher
  10. Ellen DeGeneres



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